Morgan Traut

I think travel is important and doesn't take a million bucks to do. It takes determination, self control, and most importantly feeling that your money is better spent on new eye-opening experiences rather than buying that new dress or a few drinks at the bar. A lot of people aren't able to see realities other than their own which can close their mind off to learning about new ways of life and creating a better understanding of the world. Traveling helps unlock access to new perspectives, with each trip bringing multitudes of new learning experiences. Talking about it to others and sharing your own perspective on what it means to you to travel is educational, priceless and inspiring for people stuck in their little lifestyle bubble. So here’s to traveling for the love of the adventure; for the love of a lifestyle accessible to all; and for the love of learning more about the world we live in. Fall in love with the world, one adventure at a time.